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The Tannery’s first resident delights in its sense of community


The Tannery in Holt’s first resident Anne Wilks says she is delighted to be a part of what feels like a real community.

The retired nurse, who spent 48 years caring for new mums and patients in Bath and Frome, says she loves her three-bedroom home. But she only discovered the development by chance.

“I was out walking during lockdown and was coming through Holt when I saw the signs up at the edge of the site,” she says. “I had been looking to move out of Frome and I thought to myself ‘this is where I’d like to be’ because of the site and the historic buildings. When I got home I looked the development up online and really loved what I saw.

“I think I was one of the first people to ring Stonewood about the homes here.”

Anne took up residence in April and has since been welcoming her new neighbours as they gradually move in. She says: “I enjoy living here because it really does feel like a community.

“The houses are well-designed and I really like the modern, contemporary style and the way they have a kind of industrial look to match the old tannery buildings. I’m looking forward to seeing it all completed.”

She spends a lot of time in her kitchen/diner and is always up to see the sunrise over her back fence before dashing off for a 7am swim at nearby Bradford on Avon.

“I like being so close to Bradford because of the pool and Wiltshire Music Centre,” she says. She also spends a lot of time in Holt and has joined the bellringers as well as the village’s Morris dancers.

“I already had friends in the village so it’s lovely to be closer to them. One of my sons only lives along the road in Staverton and the other one just outside Bath so I’m close to them too.”

She is a keen quilter and has turned one of the bedrooms into a sewing room. “The house is very light and airy so the bedroom upstairs is ideal,” she says. “I spend quite a bit of time in there but I must admit I am mostly in the kitchen/diner because it is so warm and welcoming in there.”

Anne, who was a midwife and a GP nurse before her retirement in January, hasn’t been living the quiet life. Apart from moving, seeing friends and taking up hobbies, she has started a part-time job serving food and coffees at the nearby Glove Factory’s popular Field Kitchen café.

“The customers mostly work at The Glove Factory or are visiting the National Trust’s Court Gardens and it gets very busy, but it is fun,” she says. “I also get chatting to people who have been to The Tannery to look at the houses so I can tell them how nice it is living here.”

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