We’re based in the south of the Cotswolds. And are fortunate enough to work on projects throughout this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and right across
the South West.

Many of our projects draw on an incredible stock of historic buildings within stunning natural settings.
We select the best of these – the ones that are ready for sensitive development.

When the opportunity and environment is right, we also build highly sustainable new homes.

Our approach creates an opportunity to develop houses of outstanding quality. But it also brings certain responsibilities.
To local communities. The natural environment. And to the buildings themselves.

For the Stonewood Group, strength is not only in numbers. It’s also in having the range of skills needed to tackle every property development challenge. It’s in a strong financial base too. And
an award-winning track record that stretches back 50 years.

Our Group includes Stonewood Builders, known for their unwavering commitment to quality, thanks to a directly-employed workforce. And for delivering projects ranging from £250,000 to over £20 million.

Then there’s national award winning architectural practice, Stonewood Design. And housebuilder, Stonewood Partnerships who we share skills and resources with – including in-house sales, planning and finding land.

Our collaborative way of working gives us comprehensive control of all projects – which means we keep things on track, on time and on budget.


An old-school level of craftsmanship means every home we build is solid constructed and beautifully finished by our award-winning builders.


Our homes are built to last. Each one draws on sustainable practices. And is designed to promote an eco-conscious lifestyle for its owners.


Materials are meticulously selected to
suit each project. It’s always about
creating exceptional environments for
modern-day living.