Stonewood Homes

Inside your new Stonewood home, luxury prevails; with superior specification and Stonewood’s renowned attention to detail. All homes have been thoughtfully designed and refurbished to meet the needs of the modern homeowner, whilst retaining the buildings charm and history.

The Stonewood Group is built up of a team of construction professionals experienced in facing the challenges that property development brings. With contracting, design and a strong financial basis, Stonewood is a multi-award-winning company, driven to ensure projects exceed expectation.

All our projects are delivered by our in-group partner, Stonewood Builders, who have been delivering high quality building projects for over 45 years. They offer the very best service, understanding the needs of their clients and completing jobs on time and budget. They have a large, directly employed workforce working out of their offices in Wilshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Oxfordshire and have an unflappable commitment to excellence, with projects ranging from £250,000 to in excess of £20 million.

As Builders reach further afield, so do we. It’s a journey we are very much on together, so it’s lucky we all get along famously!